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Email us: To start the process of your design, we will need you to email us, an image or sketch of your idea. If you don’t have one, simply describe your idea in a few lines. We can then start working to create a 3D model. We will email it to you to view, and […]

About Colored Gemstones

RUBY Ruby, the red sister gemstone of sapphire, has been the world’s most valued gemstone for most of recorded history. With a hardness of 9, together with sapphire, makes it the second hardest gem in the world, after Diamonds. It is mined in a number of localities around the world. Burma is famous for producing […]


About Diamonds

DIAMOND SHAPES The shape of the diamond is what shape the diamond appears to have from the top. All diamond shapes have different attributes, but overall the beauty of the individual shapes is a matter of personal taste. DIAMOND QUALITY THE 4 C’S The 4 C’s are: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Used as […]

About our work

In 1988 Israeli Born Artist Roni Cohavi began his jewellery making career Using Traditional handcrafted methods. Over the course of time his exceptional display of unique one of a kind designs opened the doors for him to exhibit his work in Taiwan, Japan, and Hongkong. He Later came to Sydney, Australia to live, and operated […]

About Us

Our Spiritual guide, and inspiration, The Lubavitcher Rebbe, says “one should elevate his mundane work into Holiness”. This is done by revealing its true purpose in creation. As we have made considerable strides in this direction, we have thus utilized all our effort and strength, in not only producing unique pieces of jewellery, but also […]


We specialise in high quality custom made wedding & engagement rings, as well as Judaica.

We stand behind our assurance of quality, providing jewellery with a high quality finish.

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