Get the best out of your Oil Candles

How do I set up my Oil Candle?


How do i use my Oil Candle?

Usage Instructions

  1. Make sure tube is inserted securely into glass before use
  2. Insert wick into steel tube
  3. Pour olive oil over the wick filling the glass approx. 3mm below the top of the tube
  4. Light candle with a long match or long gas lighter until the wick is alight
  5. The flame can be put out by gently blowing and rekindling at any time
  6. Once flame is diminished after continuous usage, or unable to light the wick again, simply remove the wick with tweezers and repeat the process
Why is my oil candle not lighting?

There are a few reasons why it may not be lighting

  1. You may have filled up too much oil. Make sure the oil is 3mm below the tube when you fill it up. 
  2. The wick may be used up and it is time to change the wick
  3. The tube may be inserted upside down. Make sure the two slots in the tube are inserted into the hole in the glass. That's where the oil flows into the wick.
  4. The tube may be blocked. Simply remove the tube, refer to question "how do i clean my candles"and try again.
  5. You may be using other oils and fragrances that are not suitable for our candles. For optimum usage please use our range of oils.
How do i clean and look after my candles so i can get optimal usage of them?

Cleaning and Maintenance

It is recommended to clean the glass candle and tube every so often to keep the glass clear and remove oil buildup around the tube.

  1. Remove steel tube by simply pulling and gently swaying side to side until it loosens.
  2. Wash glass with warm soapy water
  3. Clean tube with natural eco-friendly degreaser or warm soapy water and remove build up with scotchbrite or steel wool. Alternatively, you may like to purchase a replacement tube. (Please contact us for more details)
  4. Dry well and insert tube gently back into glass making sure tube with the 2 slots are well inserted into hole 

Salt Candles and Selenite Candles

  1. Avoid running water. To clean, simply wipe over with a light damp cloth
  2. To clean tube refer to 3 & 4 above.


How can i maximize the usage of my wick?


To attain maximum usage of wick life make sure there is always enough oil left in the candle at time of burning. Simply top up oil when oil level is low. If oil runs out the flame will burn out the wick and will not be able to light again.

My wick is stuck inside the tube. How do i remove it?
  1. Simply remove steel tube by pulling and gently swaying from side to side until it loosens. 
  2. Push the wick out from the back using a long match, toothpick or similar item
  3. Return tube and re-insert new wick (please refer to FAQ how do i use my oil candle as per instructions)

Purchasing & Shipping

How much do I pay for shipping?

Shipping within Australia -

Flat rate - $15

All Wick products  - $5

Orders over $100 - Free Shipping - Make sure to click the free shipping button in your cart when checking out

Shipping for outside of Australia - Contact us for enquiries

When can i expect my order to be delivered?

Orders will be sent to you within 2-5 business days