Candle Oil Refill Bottle 40hrs – Love


Pure Olive Oil Hand Blended with Pure Essential Oils

100% Pure Olive Oil, free of any chemicals or preservatives
100% Pure Essential Oils, delicately hand blended. Free from artificial fragrances, diffusing a natural, real and pleasant scent.


1 x 200ml  Aromatherapy candle oil  (Burns up to 40 hours)

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About Cohavi Candle Oils

  • Cohavi Oil Candles use only 100% natural high quality Olive Oil. Free from any chemicals or preservatives.
  • We use only 100% pure essential oils for all our hand blended scented oils. Free from artificial fragrances which give a natural, real and pleasant scent.
  • Our high quality pure oils maximize a stable illuminating flame and minimize smoke emission during burning.
  • Burns up to 40 hours
  • 200ml bottle